I have done sports all my life starting with football, swimming and continuing with martial arts. I am a swimming instructor and teach children and adults regularly. But my biggest passion is martial arts, especially brazilian jiu jitsu.

I have fought in 13 Mixed martial arts matches amateur and pro. My pro record being 7 wins and one loss. I was pro champion in RXF promotion at lightweight in 2016. Bronze medallist in 2013 at the World MMA Championship  in Russia Sankt Petersburg under the WMMAA federation, and also amateur champion in UKMMA both as a lightweight (2013) and welterweight (2016).


Personal trainer - 6 years
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor - 4 years
MMA instructor - 2 years
Kickboxing instructor - 1 year
Swimming instructor - 1 year


My speciality as a martial artist is brazilian jiu jitsu where i hold a brown belt from Nicholas Brooks (black belt under Roger Gracie). I train myself on a daily basis and compete in BJJ. I teach brazilian jiu jitsu to both adults and children. Some of my achievements in BJJ competition are:
  • No Gi European IBJJF Championship 2018 – Champion
  • British NoGi 2015 – Champion
  • English NoGi 2018 – Champion
  • Ne Waza JJIF World Championship 2014 – 2nd place
  • Ne Waza JJIF European Championship – 3rd place
  • Hungarian Open 2013 – Champion
  • Ne Waza JJIF Balkan Open Champion 2017
  • Abu Dhabi Trials 2013 Romania Light Open Champion
  • British Open 2016 & 2017 – 2nd place
  • Oxford Open 2015 – Champion
  • NAGA United Kingdom 2018 Champion
  • BJJ Romanian Cup multiple times champion

I have done Boxing, but mostly Kickboxing for my striking in order to be a complete fighter. I was taught by one of the best kickboxing fighters in my country Ionut Atodiresei, I participated in a few kickboxing fights in amateur shows, national championships and in sanda wushu national championship.

I have always  searched ways to better condition and strengthen my body with different training types and methods, such as olympic lifting, kettle bells, callisthenics, body weight and many other ways of training.

I have been a BJJ instructor for children and adults since 2013. I have taught MMA for 2 years and I regularly teach Kickboxing. I have also taught a variety of group fitness classes.

I have worked with many clients helping them reach their goals and improving their lifestyle into a healthier one for the last 6 years as a personal trainer in many different gyms including some of the highest tier ones in London.



Train at your own place or choose a gym or location you would like at time that suits you.


Training builds higher self esteem and that is one of the things I will try to help you gain.


I will challenge you using a variety of methods to help you achieve your goals.


My aim is also to make sure that you will enjoy the sessions so they are not just another gruelling activity.