Dinu is an excellent teacher. I had the chance to train with him a dozen times and every practice session was different. Felt like I was learning every second, which is particular important for beginners like myself. He always kept it fun and intense. I’d recommend his skills & teaching abilities to anyone wanting to train and enjoy themselves at the gym.

Writer & Sports Enthusiast

After only 4-5 sessions (of steep and hard learning curve) movements became more smooth and natural. I started to “get” where kickboxing and especially Dinu’s training will take me.

Chief Operating Officer

After couple of years training boxing i ve started to get bored of the same daily routine until i met Dinu who gave me back the pleasure of going to the gym. I ve done only private sesions with him and i can guarantee that he is a very good teacher and very dedicated to his job.Also he has very good pedagogic skills. After training with him you will never want another trainer. 🙂

IT Manager
I really enjoyed the sessions with Dinu, even if they were tough that is what i like and what it is needed.
Business Manager

My goal when i started training with Dinu was to be fitter and more toned.

As i had never been to a gym before i was a bit nervous about working out for the 1st time but Dinu made me comfortable very quickly and every sessions were fun while being challenging.
Dinu’s ability to encourage and motivate me got me to achieve my goals very quickly.
I highly recommend Dinu as a personal trainer.
 A dedicated person, with a great passion for sport and a good coach that pays close attention to details.
Olympic Wrestler

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